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BJ’s Off-Road

Dedicated small business for FSJ’s with a large parts catalog.  The owners are also FSJ enthusiasts.  Part finder service available.  Many of Puckett Restoration Parts are sold here.


Jeep Recyclers

A dependable small business source for FSJ and other Jeep model parts, including auctions and a part finder service.  Many of Puckett Restoration Parts are sold here.


Mr. Wagoneer (Italy)

Professional restoration shop in Northern Italy.  A go-to business for restorations, parts and accessories for European owners.


Tom “Oljeep” Collins site

A treasure trove of FSJ vacuum diagrams, wiring diagrams, manuals, VIN decoder & much more.


Grand Wagoneering

Grand Wagoneer enthusiast that also makes some of the coolest custom parts around!  Custom GW consoles, wood trim for the steering column and other accessories.


International Full Size Jeep Association

FSJ forum for all things Full Size Jeep with technical forums to classifieds.  Free to join.


Grand Wagoneer Facebook Group

One of many groups for FSJ’s/Grand Wagoneers with very helpful group members!


Grandeur Wagons

Good site for GW, FSJ and other 4×4 vehicle apparel and accessories .